[Tig] intercepted on the wire

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Tue Mar 31 22:20:53 BST 2009

Just intercepted this on the wire, for publication apparently tomorrow  
in the US, today in Europe and the Far East:


For Immediate Delivery, from Publicist Presley Reese:

National Association of Broadcasters, Latest News, April 1, 2009

The National Association of Broadcasters, representing over
1,200 US and International Broadcasters, Production Facilities,
Post-Production Facilities, and Certified NAB partners worldwide,
announced today a special event for this year's Las Vegas Convention.

Two new, revolutionary and futuristic digital cameras, taking advantage
of previously unavailable texture processing and pixel management, will
be launched.  "Tweed," which clothes images in a user-selectable  
array, along with "See'r,sucker," which adds sophisticated vertical
aliasing control, will be launched on the shore of Steve Wynn's
surprise mega-project, "Wynn's Atlantic."  Wynn has replicated the
Atlantic Ocean, at 1/1000 scale, having drained the reservoirs of Lakes
Powell and Mead to produce a hyper-realistic oceanic experience in
true Las Vegas tradition.  Holesailors will be invited to brave a  
in the "Pick Sell Challenge" to decide which of them obtains which  
camera to
bring to market.

Each of these cameras is powered by twin miniature Evinrude
motors of .5 whoresperhour, and will be launched on the west side of his
ocean at the beginning of the convention, to reach the "You're a Peon"
side in Pahrump, Nevada, at convention's end.  The launch will include a
free launch.  "We wanted to show how these new cameras will brave the
wavelets of the HyperAtlantic," said Wynn.

The ensuing happiness among launch attendees will most likely cause
the NAB 2009 slogan, "Content Comes to Life" to be adjusted to
"Content with Life."

02938\23jEND RELEASE

Rob Lingelbach
rob at colorist.org

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