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I'm pretty sure than on the Chromaticity diagram that Charles showed to
illustrate the OLED issue had the co-ordinates for one of the two flavours
of green *inside* the 709 triangle. 

Red and blue were very close to the 709 numbers

Very happy to be proved wrong, of course.

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Do not confuse NTSC colorspace with SMPTE C. NTSC color space is a much
larger triangle and can encompass within its colorspace  Rec 709, EBU, and
SMPTE C. SMPTE C was the smaller "more practical" colorspace that evolved
out of common practice that had drifted far from the original NTSC
colorspace. NTSC colorspace is only now becoming possible with new display
technologies. EBU colorspace was a refinement of SMPTE C with slightly
redder reds. Rec 709 is the midpoint between SMPTE C and EBU colorspace. So
if something has colorspace 105% of NTSC, it is a really big triangle on the
CIE chart. With the use of a LUT in the display, you can emulate any
colorspace smaller than the native colorspace of the monitor. This is well
established color science.

Dave Corbitt
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On May 14, 2009, at 8:01 AM, <jeff.booth at ntlworld.com> wrote:

> At the DI event last year in the UK, Charles Poynton said that OLED 
> colour space isn't quite right. There are two CIE co-ordinates for 
> green (depending on the doping used in the LEDs).
> The advertising blurb says '105% of NTSC colour space' but no mention 
> of 709.
> Discuss?

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