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Adrian Thomas adrian at autotv.co.uk
Thu May 28 11:00:24 BST 2009

On 27 May 2009, at 18:48, Bob Friesenhahn wrote:
> Usually the difference is immediately visually apparent since quite  
> a lot of direct to digital is Rec.709.  Only more sophisticated  
> programming uses more advanced digital cameras (or settings) with  
> increased dynamic range and log encoding.  For "reality"  
> programming, Rec.709 is quite appropriate, but it seems difficult  
> to do a drama program in this sort of video.

Bob, your use of the term "dynamic range" to describe dynamic  
resolution (ie bit depth, word length etc) is problematic. Dynamic  
range is more like the 'light gamut' than anything else, and depends  
primarily on the capabilities of the camera (or scanner detector +  
colourist). Good camera sensors offer about 10stops of (linear)  
dynamic range, where film might give as much as 14stops of (non- 
linear) DR. How this range is quantised, gamma corrected, graded and  
encoded will give the dynamic resolution, but this can obviously be  
changed both in camera or during film transfer. Colour space is  
obviously an important issue, but it certainly does not define  
dynamic range by itself.

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