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Thu May 28 13:09:42 BST 2009

Hi Tom,

Well over here (Netherlands/Belgium) I would say for feature film it is 
about 65% film and 35% other, it fluctuates each year a bit though. I 
also get some rumors that people are more and more grading with the 
editor. Personally I think these are mainly projects which would 
otherwise never get any grading at all. So if you see it in that 
perspective, it is only an improvement.

Perhaps new directors/DOPs get a bit of the feel of the necessity of 
grading and when their projects get bigger they will make the transition 
to a real grading suite.

Most of the HD/RED pioneers here only use digital acquisition out of 
budget reasons, if they have the choice most of them know that film is 
in all ways superior.. Some of the old-skool HD pioneers actually 
switched back to film because the whole DI thing has gotten much more 
affordable then like 5 years ago.

However I do think that it is just a matter of time until a camera is 
developed that can capture more light without compression so everyone 
would do wise to always stay on top of things and not just ignore the trend.

My 20 eurocents :-)

Tom Step wrote:
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> As someone looking to open a colorist-centered house, I run into that 
> all the time. Lots of clients are no longer interested in basic 
> grading, never mind creative grading for looks. They're happy with 
> some basic color tweaks done by the editor within whatever platform 
> they're posting on. I wonder what that means to our slice of 
> industry...? What % still do grading? and why?
> I was watching two different high-profile shows on two different 
> networks (HD off cable) and noticed some serious flaws with matching 
> footage, and general quality of color work. If that caliber of 
> programming isn't giving color much thought...
> (Not mentioning names for obvious reasons)
> Rethinking post world for a falafel stand...
> Tom
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