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Vincent G. Hogan vinny at cineworks.com
Fri May 29 14:25:29 BST 2009

I see it as a total bias against film in the last two years in the
industry in the U.S., film manufacturers have been attacked by certain
digital camera company owners, it's obvious that this certain owner has
a real problem with film and all it encompasses, not really sure why.

I have worked in the business for the last 32 years, so I am biased
toward film but the major part of my business has been working in the
digital realm for the last 10 years, film being the origination source
and frankly it's still superior as an origination format in feature
films and some TV situations. The problem we have in the U.S. now is
DP's being bullied into not saying anything negative about a digital
capture camera, they will be called dinosaurs, they cannot adapt etc...
Their legs have been cut off by producers, it's a shame. 


Vincent Hogan
Cineworks Digital Studios, Inc.-Miami, New Orleans

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> I am growing tired of the bias against digital. Especially 
> since most of the aesthetic problems occur in the analog 
> domain: the sensors or in AD conversion. Sensor tech is 
> changing fast. A to D is an art. Eventually someone will get 
> it cost effectively right and everyone else will follow.
> ---Larry Towers
> TSOA Film/TV

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