[Tig] Fwd: heavy-handed vignette

Ken Robinson ken at flight4.org
Tue Aug 3 07:25:11 BST 2010

I have a rather average (but useful) 18-200 mm lens on the end of my Canon
50D... That vignettes like h*ll. The software seems to compensate nicely for
it... In the viewfinder, at full zoom you think you are looking through an
old binocular! Doesn't compensate though for the inversion that we had
yesterday over the Bosphorus!

Ken Robinson

On 3 August 2010 08:26, Rob Lingelbach <rob at colorist.org> wrote:

> I ran across some references on the web to Devignette (or "de-vignetting
> software").  (which brings to mind "anti-virus" software, that depends on
> viruses for its profits, .. )
> --
> Rob Lingelbach
> rob at colorist.org

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