[Tig] 4D scopes

Dave Pickett pickettscharge at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 7 00:30:48 BST 2010

A bit of a stretch but would 4D scopes be helpful in grading?  If in fact we could manufacture them.

My wife and I are expecting a son soon and just had one sonogram in 4D after 3 sequential 2D sonograms.  I could depict a lot of detail in the 2D sonogram yet my wife and others couldnt read the images.  I imagine this has a lot to do with our work with scopes and something like reading music charts once you are accustomed.

But would 4D scopes help us see images more precisely and make better grading decisions?

Doctors still diagnose with 2D sonograms which would give a hint.  They feel comfortable making life or death decisions based upon existing sonogram standards.  Yet even these were not available until the last two decades.  Perhaps they are still relying on "modern" technology.

Seeing a fetus in 3D in motion seems to provide greater detail to something infinitely more important than clipped whites.  

Just an observation from someone who relies on scopes for his profession and even more for the health of my son.


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