[Tig] Default gamma

Jim Houston jdhouston at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 20 15:17:39 BST 2010

Use the gamma appropriate for the viewing conditions that the material will be used in.

Gamma 2.6 for Theatrical (dark-room) projection.
Gamma 2.35 for viewing movies in a dim room (living room lights)
Gamma 2.2  for viewing video on a computer monitor in offices or daylight lighting.

Jim Houston
Sony Pictures

On Aug 20, 2010, at 4:54 AM, Gerard Sam-Zee-Moi wrote:
> In Digital Cinema there is a default gamma of 2.6 for digital
> projection.  Is there a common default gamma for broadcast LCD's and
> digital projection when working in REC.709?  I've seen people using
> anything from 2.2 to 2.5.
> Gerard

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