[Tig] Colorist Reels (new, current); Colorist Directory

rob rob at colorist.org
Sat Aug 28 01:00:40 BST 2010

Herewith soliciting new Colorist Reels and Colorist Directory entries
for the TIG wiki.  The Colorist wiki Directory is user-editable; for Colorist Reel services, please contact me rob at colorist.org for directions.  

We need to keep these reels current, so if you're listed below and 
haven't updated the reel recently, please arrange with me to have a 
new version uploaded.

Certain reels are highlighted on the main TIG wiki page, in a window in
rotation at http://tig.colorist.org/wiki  (Bob Festa: Alfa, Honda; Sofie Borup: Reel; Cem Ozkilicci: Reel; Marcelo Aprlie: Iaccoca; Warren Eagles: Reel;
Rob Lingelbach: Roshen, for Vadim Perelman; Dami Carvalho: Reel; Adriano Mestroni: Reel; Rob Lingelbach: Cry, Cry, Cry)

Additionally, a list of reels to the right of the wiki window features these reels:

Billy Gabor
Clark Muller
Dave Hussey
Matt Turner
Mike Pethel
Rob Sciarratta
John Bonta
Sean Coleman
Siggy Ferstl
Stegan Sonnenfeld
Stephan Nakamura
Tim Masick
Tom Poole
Victor Mulholland

The following Colorist Reels are currently featured on http://reels.colorist.org :


Rob Bessette
Sofie Borup
Cem Ozkilicci
Dami Carvalho

Current and continuing:

Micah Kirz
Adriano Mestoni
Warren Eagles
Marcelo Aprile
John Tissavary
Janet Falcon
Biggi Klier
Bob Festa
Rob Lingelbach
Beau Leon
Michael Thibodeau
Peter Berg
Josh Petok
Benedek Kaban
Bob Lovejoy
Laurent Morel
Bruce Bolden
Dan Mitre
Matt Rosenblum

Colorist Directory:

The following Colorists have directory entries with contact information, 
photos, reel links, and other features on the TIG wiki (user editable) at

Adrian Hauser
Adriano Mestroni
Benedek Kaban
Brian Thomas
Christophe Legendre
Daniel Stuebner
David Gott
David Keleshian
Dean Lyon
Edgar Lebron
Eszter Nagy
Florian "Utsi" Martin
Greg Hamlin
Jacek Bulik
Jack Jones
Jason Crump
Jef Grosfeld
Jim Mann
John Tissavary
Josh Petok
Loren White
Martin Wells
Matthew Rosenblum
Micah Kirz
Monica Di Sabatino
Oliver Schumacher
Owen Williams
Rick Unger
Rob Lang
Rob Lingelbach
Sascha Alexander Haber
Shane Mario Ruggieri
Simon Brazzalotto
Sinisa Kukic
Sofie Friis Borup
Stuart Blake Jones
Test Colorist :)
Tom Rovak
Ola Baccman
Warren Eagles

These colorist entries are used by employers, along with the reels
named above, in contacting prospective artists.  The TIG is provided as
a public service to colorists, and involves a significant amount of 
design and continuing work over its 19 years of existence.  If any 
of its beneficiaries see fit to make a contribution to its upkeep, a 
PayPal interface is provided at http://tig.colorist.org/wiki/Supporters
(the Make a Donation button).  But it's not required (nor is guilt).

Rob Lingelbach  TIG admin, founder
rob at colorist.org http://rob.colorist.org

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