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Marc Wielage mfw at musictrax.com
Wed Dec 15 03:16:37 GMT 2010

On 12/14/10 3:47 PM, "Robert Houllahan" <rob at cinelab.com> wrote:

> So does YouTube (up to 4k in fact ... although I'll concede that
> vimeo is superior in other ways.

Has anyone ever used U-Tube for
> 4K? is that just a marketing tool? or a Joke?

In my opinion:  4K that's been compressed and stepped on that much is no
longer really 4K.  I can shoot HD on my iPhone, too, but it ain't real HD,
not to me.  To my eyes, YouTube can't even do standard-def very well.

A lot of ignorant people (present company excepted) throw around terms like
2K and 4K, but I think they have no concept about what high quality images
really are.  There's far too many numbers games going on, especially with
online video and severe data compression.

Read what George Ou of ZDNet has to say in his essay "Don't Believe the Low
Bit-rate HD Lie":


As to dailies:  If I were a client, I would strenuously object to *any*
dailies available on a server like YouTube or Vimeo.  It would have to be an
extremely secure, encrypted FTP server or something, just because of the
potential risk of piracy.  Deluxe, Ascent, Technicolor, Fotokem, and eFilm
all have pretty good systems in place to do "desktop dailies," and those are
completely secure and reliable, as far as I know.  Plus, they look decent
enough that I wouldn't be ashamed to show them to a studio exec.

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  Lowry Digital/Burbank

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