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Wed Dec 22 22:17:05 GMT 2010

In 1982 I was working at Deluxe Laboratories on Sunset and Western, in a converted double wide trailer they called the video department. After 9 months of that, I was pretty fed up with it all. I happen to stumble upon the North Americas user list for the 26 new Mk3 C's. At the top of the list was Action Video. I smiled and dialed, and the rest was history.

I met with Sam and Joe Benadon the owners. Action was a brand new shop, and to quote them, they couldn't offer me any more money, but the could make me a star, I laughed and took the first chair.

Joe did make me a star, but it was Sam who taught me how to use rubber bands and paper clips in our craft. I swear to this day, I have yet to work on a system that had such great white compression and linear tracking as the Holtz modified Dubners. He taught me to be an Ultimatte wizard, and any eye I might have for color, was passed on from him, he was a great educator.

It was a tremendous time, the windows of opportunity were wide open, and there was more work than any of us could handle. A whole generation of artists was groomed by Sam and released back into the community.

If there was any one individual who influenced my thirty year career as a colorist, it was Sam Holtz. Thank you Sam.


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