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On Dec 22, 2010, at 2:17 PM, Bob Festa wrote:

> Joe did make me a star, but it was Sam who taught me how to use rubber bands and paper clips in our craft. I swear to this day, I have yet to work on a system that had such great white compression and linear tracking as the Holtz modified Dubners. He taught me to be an Ultimatte wizard, and any eye I might have for color, was passed on from him, he was a great educator.

Sam had a gift for seeing potential in people, who were in turn inspired by him.  There were a lot of laughs and good times at Action Video, it really was a family.

The Holtz-modified Dubners were indeed revolutionary in the white compression and linearity, and credit also goes to Dave Tosh for being the engineer who implemented Sam's ideas.  Those Dubners were also the best systems I've ever worked on for on-the-fly grading; you could play them like improvising on a piano, all 48 channels.  

There is a photo from Action Video days sometime in the 1980s at
(Sam is the only one sitting.  standing are Lenny Fohrer, Terry (client), Rob Lingelbach, client, stripper, ....., Claudia Baker, and Don Burt.)  Photo credit: Brian Robinson

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