[Tig] DPX 10bit or 12bit for Film OUT

Lou Levinson joe.beats at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 23 15:51:29 GMT 2010

i have used some 12 bit material from f35 as 12 bit dpx, and you can go fromcodex capture, thru colorcorrection, ect, to filmout and maintain 12 bits.you can run your dlp at 12 bit 444, as well.
being able to compare the same pictures at 10 and 12 bit capture is interesting as allwho were watching at the time were convinced they could see a slight, but visible difference. we didn't have time for a test that would maybe be more meaningful: pushing the material to some extremes, and seeing if 12 bit held up better than 10 bit. we allexpected that it would, but there's nothing like eyes on.
i don't know of anything but cgi that can give you 16 real log bits to start with. for pictures,that is.



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