[Tig] Sam Holtz

Fred Mushel FMUSHEL at nyc.rr.com
Sat Dec 25 00:20:48 GMT 2010

I did not meet Sam Holtz until 1988, and didn't know of his company Action Video, as I am a New Yorker and only heard of a few BIG post houses in LA at the time.

I do recall a colleague of mine mention that Sam was an innovator in our industry.

Our meetings and conversations were brief the few times I was with him. I first met him at a family affair in San Francisco.
Turned out Sam Holtz was my Uncle's (through marriage, to my mother's sister) nephew (Sam was my Uncle's brother's son).
Up until that first meeting I did not know I had a cousin as an owner and very talented and innovative person in our industry. 
I saw Sam at a few other family affairs through the mid 1990's.

From the comments I have read so far, I am glad that many recall fond memories of Sam, his company and his company launching careers for many in the industry.

I passed the sad news on to my relatives in San Francisco, who had not heard of Sam's passing. I do not know how old Sam was, but his (my) Uncle passed away September 2009 at the ripe old age of 91.

My family in San Francisco will surely miss him.

My condolences to his immediate family.

Fred Mushel

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