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> The latest I've heard from Bill Hogan is that there will be a memorial service for Sam sometime in January.
> If anyone would like to share a Sam story, maybe this can be a place to do that (the subscription list will be at the bottom of this email).
> I think those of us who worked for him for so many years at Action really loved him, even as we laughed with and at him.  He had a very big heart.  
> I remember when I had decided to leave Action, for a position with an Ursa and DaVinci 888 at Planet Blue (Maury Rosenfeld and Fred Raimondi's place down the street).   I told Sam of my decision and he was shaken, he had to find a chair to sit down, and said "I'd do anything to keep you Rob."   But I knew he didn't have the capital to upgrade the telecines (Mk IIICs, one a digi 3 and the other a digi 4).  I felt really bad for him, but for me to progress it was necessary to work on newer gear.
> He had a real soft spot for his employees, and I know that every time I asked for a raise, which was seldom, he agreed to it.
> I like to think that the top-notch group of people who learned their craft under him were there at Action not by coincidence, but because he saw something in each of them.
> Steve Rodriguez; Bob Festa; Brian Robinson; Rick Taylor; Gerta Lind; Dave Tosh; Craig Alexander; Dave Webb; Debbie Romeo; Tracey Atwell; Barbara Blessing; Michael Lyon; Tom Curry; Glen Gundlach; Jean LaFitte; Terry Goins; Lenny Fohrer; Carlos and Orlando.
> Paco Araiz passed away in the 90s, and I've heard that Joe Benadon died in 2010, so the 3 principals are all gone.
> When I think of the many times I immersed my arm up to the bicep in the film cleaner tank filled with Trichlorethane to grab a piece of film, Sam there to exclaim "It's completely inert chemical, cannot harm you!"  and then finding out quite the contrary, well....   (Trichlor is a proven carcinogen.)
> And I knew how to approach Sam with my own novel workflow idea and have him approve it immediately.  I only needed to say "Sam, remember that idea you had about transferring the workprint and cutting over it, conforming the neg..."  and I was greenlighted.  
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