[Tig] Scratches on film support/ emulsion

simon astbury simonastbury at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 6 15:56:05 GMT 2010

Hi Rogerio
I don't know of one unique source. An experienced lab guy or TK guy should be able to tell you. Normally if the scratch has a colour i.e blue and you can't see it on the surface of the neg, this means the scratch is almost certainly pre-dev, the development process having made the scratch 'heal over'. 
If the scratch doesn't cover the whole frame it is probably a camera 'loop scratch'. Emulsion side scratches generally have a colour because the scratch has exposed the emulsion layer below it. 
Base side scratches will appear white on a neg transfer TK. I have heard of Kodak or Fuji inspecting neg to establish when the scratch happened in the case of an insurance claim. 
The above knowledge is from working as a colourist in labs for 10 years. Your best bet is a lab guy.

> Maybe this will be a long thread or a short lived one. Does anyone know a
> site, a knowledge base, white paper, article, anything that covers "
> everything "  related on film scratches or damage?.
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