[Tig] 3D systems

Jeff Olm jeff.olm at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 18:46:08 GMT 2010

You may know this but just want to point out current reality in the US.
RealD non XL systems are Z screen systems they are the majority of the
3000? plus RealD screens domestically deployed are only spec'ed at 3.5
to 5 ft .Lamberts thru the RealD glasses.
There are some places running lamps way past when they should and
lower than they should that are at 2-2.5  ft .Lamberts.
As a producer told me about having to work a weekend, a few years
back. "It is what it is."
Jeff Olm
Stereo Colorist LA, CA

Richard siad
"If you can get enough light, then the calibration solution would seem
to be to calibrate to deliver the same 16 ft-L D60 white to either eye
when wearing 3D glasses. If you go much dimmer than this, then color
vision gets non-linear, and the colors can look wrong. I think we
ought to increase the light level in cinemas anyway: if we don't then
cinemas are going to start looking dimmer than home computer displays
and projectors in small rooms."

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