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Mark Lemmons mark.lemmons at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 14:53:01 GMT 2010

In 1991 in Denver, I got my first "real" job in Film and Video at Telemation
in Denver, Colorado as a tape op. Richard Buchanan ran the shop at that
time, with Tim Hanafee, Bill Jordan, and John Palmisano all playing key
roles. I was trying to finish a ski film "after hours" there, and John
taught me all the basics. How to run the rank, clean film, the daVinci, the
whole deal. I developed a deep respect for John and his craft through
watching him work. I learned so much from John, as well as Bill and Tim.
Richard had assembled a great crew there.

I lost touch with John, but he was a key person in my early professional
development, and he was more than kind to take his time, after hours, to
train a pushy kid with a ski film to run all that gear. He was a great guy.

Recently, in my job as CTO for a large digital footage archive, I came
across some old film reels and telecine transfers with Telemation labels.
There was John's handwriting on the tape. And there, on that D2 (4fsc 25
mbit - those were the days), were some beautiful images. Even now almost 20
years later. John's work made the world just that much richer and, more
colorful. Ironically, these were images from a StorageTek marketing project.
We now store all our film in a Sun/StorageTek SL-8500, and the images were
from a marketing campaign for Iceberg, related to its predecessor, the
Powderhorn. Life if funny sometimes, but not today. Today life just seems

Mark Lemmons

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