[Tig] Lipsner-Smith EXCEL 1100

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Fri Jan 8 11:16:55 GMT 2010

Hi Peter
As a colourist I've used this machine for about 9 years, very good and simple model.
The only things it need are dry buffers and Isopropyl alcohol. How often you need to change those buffers and fill in the alcohol tank depends on the length of film you're cleaning per day/week.
And you need to install a proper exhaust system on top of the machine because the alcohol has odor and vapors that need to go out of the room. The odor is not that strong like from a Lipsner Smith ultrasonic film cleaner ,but still.
The machine is easy to maintain and service, but if you ask me for best results personally I would go for an ultrasonic one. Is a bit of pain with the maintenance and the alcohol tank and all for that one ,but the results are great, even on 16/s16 mm film.

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We're thinking about a non-immersion film cleaner, and have our eyes on an EXCEL 1100.

Does anybody run one of these?  Any thoughts?


Peter White
Head of Technical Development
East Anglian Film Archive


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