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Thanks Tim, I'm sure we could go on for days about this. One other I would mention is that TKs very rarely scratch neg, but when they do it is almost always dead straight.

> An excellent answer Simon, though I'd like to add a few other items.
> A good lab practice is to cut off a few frames prior to processing to  
> use as a reference in case a scratch occurs.  It is usually found in  
> the box/can along with the whole negative.
> Try and ascertain whether there is a pattern of repeatability over  
> time.  If you see a scratch whose characteristic repeats every X  
> frames, then you may be able to correlate it with the same distance  
> between guide surfaces in a camera or a film processor or telecine.   
> As a matter of self preservation, a good lab tech knows exactly how  
> many feet & frames there are between the guide surfaces in his  
> processing machine.
> Also note where the scratch occurs in the frame, again using that as a  
> pointer to a guide surface - there may have been a piece of dirt stuck  
> on a guide roller in a processor or telecine, or something stuck on  
> the aperture plate of a camera.
> Also, check frame lines for a progressive buildups of debris that  
> would have blocked exposure and may have at some point began to  
> scratch the film.
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