[Tig] auto align not performing well and the CRT beam appears in the whole face plate line a full moon

Mr Shukkra shukkra at yahoo.in
Mon Jan 11 13:05:21 GMT 2010

Hello everyone 

In our URSA GOLD telecine machine the AUTO ALIGN is not performing well. I have attached the pictures of the waveform monitor in the attachments.

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Another one problem is, normally the CRT BEAM looks like a letter box in the center of CRT. But in our telecine machine crt the beam looks like FULL MOON bright. I mean the beam appears in the entire crt.


This problem happened Saturday ( 9th jan 2010) at the time of telecine machine switching ON for start the job as usually. 


I was checked all the power supplies are proper and this problem happening in the both gates ( 35mm & 16mm), the -200v, -15v & +15v in the brimar blanking amplifier ( neck pcb in the crt)


If anyone help me for solve the problem then it is very thankfull. 

Thanks & kind regards



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