[Tig] Inexpensive Monitoring

John Tissavary jt at traktionfilms.com
Wed Jan 13 01:20:28 GMT 2010

Excellent summary, Joe, and thanks for the thread.  I do really like
plasma, and for me it's a toss up which to go with, because there are
things about LCD that I prefer over plasma.  The chattering, or
unstable swirling of the gas really bothers me, too.  It's also sucks
for calibrating, as one must have a non-contact probe which is
considerably more expensive.  And I can't imagine using ANY monitor
without strict color management.

The other nice thing about LCD is that it produces considerably less
heat.  In LA that's actually a good thing!

But I'm going to reserve my final judgement for the new 12 series, as
aside from the swirly instability, which is inherent to the
technology, I think it'll be a considerable leap forward, and the
blacks & viewing angles are wonderful.

But I'm also going to look at LED backlit LCDs - I'm hoping there's
something with 10 bits and HDMI 1.3 or 1.4 coming out that'll give the
Dreamcolor & Series 12 a nice challenge.  I find that consumer devices
can work quite well if one gets to cherry-pick a really good panel.
I'm using a couple-of-years-old Toshiba Regza in my suite, at the time
it was the best 10bit non-plasma monitor I could find, industrial or
consumer.  Sometimes I have to spend a little time explaining why I'm
using a consumer monitor, but once they see the images the questions

john tissavary | colorist | hi ground

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