[Tig] FW: Quadra Vision missing green channel

Arturo Aquise arturocz at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 13 15:11:20 GMT 2010

Hello Mikko,
my name is Arturo, I was working for years at Cetres/Peru as telecine engineer. There, they have a Quadra telecine and a new Shadow telecine.
I had experiences many different problems with our Quadra, and till now, the machine is still working, it's a good stone. So, when we were searching for upgrade, the recomendations went to DFT.
You could try to isolate the problem in order to identify if the problem is in the CCD, in the analog Pre-Processing or in the digital proc. Well, at lest you got a first diagnosis.
First, at the rear part of the CCD/Beam splitter, there should be 3 BNC connectors beside other communicatio/power supply cable. The BNC are rotulated as R, G and B. You could swapp, for instance the G with R, then try to perform Blac/white balance at your Quadra. I understand that the projection part of your TK is running well.
If the problem was on the G CCD, then you should get the noise or any output fron the swapped channel. If the problem is in the channel, there shoul be anything after the G processing. 
Also you should be able to test with internal test signal, with the help of this signal, you are able to check the channel.
In the case that the problem is in the CCD, you could try to open the front cover of the beam splitter. 
Shure that  at DFT http://www.dft-film.com  will give you a good solution.

I have no affilition with DFT

Best regards and good luck. 
Arturo Aquise
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