[Tig] "Prysm" display technology

Terry Lockhart terry at finishedit.com
Thu Jan 14 15:58:49 GMT 2010

Quoted from Digital Signage web page:

Dana Corey and Team Launch Prysm
“Prysm is the leading provider of ecovative Laser Phosphor Displays (LPDs) for large format applications. LPD's innovative eco-friendly design offers the lowest power consumption and environmental impact with free form flexibility, long-lasting performance and brilliant picture quality.”

Would be nice to know the timeframe to market- typical vaporware as of this announcement.
That said, it seems to me there is lots of potential here. I speculate it may turn out to be easy to emulate a CRT look. I wonder what the phosphor burn-in issues might be? What sort of gamut from these phosphors?

Of course, all standard disclaimers apply. 

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