[Tig] "Prysm" display technology

Mark Wolforth mark at filmlight.ltd.uk
Thu Jan 14 18:07:45 GMT 2010

> The main differentiating issues will be with laser beam energy intensity
> (more energy allows use of quicker phosphor), phosphor response time,
> and refresh rate.

Unlike in a CRT, the phosphor will be fluorescing when stimulated by the 
laser.  In a traditional CRT light is principally generated by 
phosphorescence, a process whose "off" stage follows a Poisson 
distribution (which someone who's set up a CRT based telecine will know 
as afterglow).

Fluorescing is a _much_ faster process, so the response time will be 
very fast.  That said, without help from a little afterglow they'll need 
to scan that laser pretty fast to make sure the picture doesn't flicker.

Mark Wolforth
Senior Hardware Designer
FilmLight Limited.

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