[Tig] When to Crop the full gate sacn dpx

Mark Randal mark.indyfilmout at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 03:36:19 GMT 2010

Hello Liao,

Corping the image to save the storage, I feel its not good way to go.

As we know for
4 perf source, res should be 2048x1556,
3 perf source, res should be 2048x1168,

Better to maintain above res though out the DI workflow and set parameters
in the film recorder with the image process and output geomentry.

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mark.indyfilmout at gmail.com

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Hi Liao

Are you sure that they won't reposition some shots while colour grading?
The amount of times a director shoots something for a specific aspect ratio
and actually manages to keep ALL of his or her shots intact without repo is
seldom (but that's from personal experience).


Cem Ozkilicci
Platige Image / Warsaw

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> Liao,
> I am not sure if / what you are asking?
> But you definitely need the 2048x1556 files for your film out.
> The cropping you are referring to would be only for the digital cinema
> version and video deliverables.
> Any cropping to save storage would sacrifice film resolution.
> TomT
> On Jan 21, 2010, at 5:36 AM, Liao Zhuodi wrote:
>>  at the end, film the final cc version out, the 2048x1556
>> full frame resolution are kept in all the steps described above. And crop
>> the 2048x1556 into to the proper aspect ratio, 2.35 is 2048x872 and 1.85
>> is
>> 2048x1107. If we know the final aspect ratio, if better we scan or
>> in cropped dpx, that saves lots of spaces on storage.
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