[Tig] Fwd: Fantastic footage ...from a Streetcar in 1906

J Pilgrim lists at johnpilgrim.net
Fri Jan 22 21:35:03 GMT 2010

>Anybody know where the original or best version of the film print is 
>now? ... would love to project it on in our DI  theater and film it 
>on a M-X RED ... then restore it as best as possible..... anybody 
>want to work with me to make that happen? .... it really is a 
>remarkable piece of cinematic and cultural history that should be 
>preserved in all its grainy glory.
>If you do get a chance to see it projected, watch it MOS and you 
>will be transformed to a different time ... the slow pace of the 
>street car is hypnotic as it trundles down the street and the 
>co-mingling of the pedestrians, horses and street vendors is just 
>Thanks for any info on tracking down best available film print ... 
>as soon as I have a restored 5k version I'll post a link to the QT.
>Neil Smith
>Managing Director
>323 850 3550

I think the original is in the Prelinger archives.

I saw it digitally projected recently in this program:

See clip #12 for Rick Prelinger's history of the footage and current 
restoration/transfer efforts.

More info in case the above link goes down


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