[Tig] When to Crop the full gate sacn dpx

Jeff Christopherson jeffcee at shaw.ca
Sat Jan 23 18:05:01 GMT 2010

Hi Carl,

Your reasoning is correct. You should shoot only what you want the  
audience to see, therefore you should letterbox/crop the areas  
outside of the intended aspect ratio.

I was involved in a 1.85 4K project and we made the choice to scan  
all of the full app camera negative to give us the freedom to tilt a  
lot and pan a little. We paid for it with space. We rendered 1.85 DPX  
files for the filmout which at least saved some space on that side.

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> From: Carl Skaff <carl at stopp.se>
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> Subject: [Tig] When to Crop the full gate sacn dpx
> I know of one movie that they scaned the S35mm 4perf (non  
> anamorphic) in an ArriScan CROPPED
> The scan/grade company said, "If you want it in 4K we can scan it  
> in 4K but then we will crop it to 2,35 directly in the scanner...  
> to save storage, and that limits you from tilting shots in grading"
> worked fine as a bargening thing, that saved them a sh*t lot of  
> storagenot having the 4K 4:3 image in the SAN for the whole post.  
> When there normal chain is built for 2K.
> Do you really shoot-out a 4:3 image to neg after the grade/online?  
> I though that you would either put a letterbox/crop the "output- 
> dxp" or stretch it to anamorphic so the release-print is projected  
> using a anamoph lens in the theatre.
> Why shoot-out image that is ment for no-one to ecer be seen. Lets  
> say the projectionist f*ck up in the theatre and layses the film  
> one perf wrong so everybody sees a mic-boom in all the shots and  
> cut-of-legs...
> /carl
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