[Tig] When to Crop the full gate sacn dpx

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Mon Jan 25 09:49:42 GMT 2010


You right, we do not shoot-out a 4:3 image to the neg, after the
grade/online. For the 2.35 anamorphic versions, crop and stretch it.
In China here, for some censorship reasons, 1.85 must be 1.85, 1.78 must be
1.78, even the film gate in the theatre will block the other area, we still
need to make it pure black. Just in case the audience will accidentally see
them. I saw a few intermediate positives from US to make chinese version
copy, like Iron Man and Transformer, some shots are shot on the sound track,
I guess those shots were shot on site by a anamorphic lens, with no gate in
the camera, and keep all dpx in full frame aspect all the way down to the



I know of one movie that they scaned the S35mm 4perf (non anamorphic) in an
The scan/grade company said, "If you want it in 4K we can scan it in 4K but
then we will crop it to 2,35 directly in the scanner... to save storage, and
that limits you from tilting shots in grading"
worked fine as a bargening thing, that saved them a sh*t lot of storagenot
having the 4K 4:3 image in the SAN for the whole post. When there normal
chain is built for 2K.

Do you really shoot-out a 4:3 image to neg after the grade/online? I though
that you would either put a letterbox/crop the "output-dxp" or stretch it to
anamorphic so the release-print is projected using a anamoph lens in the
Why shoot-out image that is ment for no-one to ecer be seen. Lets say the
projectionist f*ck up in the theatre and layses the film one perf wrong so
everybody sees a mic-boom in all the shots and cut-of-legs...


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