[Tig] LUTs from production - how useful are they?

Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Tue May 4 20:40:47 BST 2010

I'm looking for some information on how colorists deal with LUTs that are
generated during production, and brought into the grading suite as (what I'm
assuming is) a starting point.

What LUT file formats are in use?

Is one format better than another? More consistent? More representative of
what the DP was looking for?

Do you find LUTs generated by one program better than that generated by
another? By better, I mean more consistent and representative of what the DP
was seeing on set when the LUT was created.

Is there a program/LUT format that just doesn't work well in post, or needs
extensive massaging (scaling etc.) before it can be used?

Has any format proven to be consistently bad? That is, when you load the LUT,
the DP almost always says "What the hell is that?".

I'm looking at using Speed Grade Onset and a Wave tablet to do look(s) for the
DP on set when shooting log, and would prefer to get something that can
actually be useful in grading, and can be used without the colorist having to
massage it first.

If you feel the need to savage some program or format, and don't want to do so
publicly, feel free to email me with the info.



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