[Tig] full gamut vs. gamut controlled

simon astbury simonastbury at hotmail.com
Tue May 18 09:56:17 BST 2010

> Hi all,
> Our beloved crt just died, so we replaced it with a Cinetal Cinemage  
> LCD monitor.  My question is how are most colorists setting up their  
> monitors, full gamut, or gamut controlled?  The gamut controlled  
> setting seems to be closer to what I am used to seeing, but I  
> understand the full gamut shows what actually exists.  Are home  
> monitors capable of showing full gamut, and if so, is full gamut being  
> broadcast?  What about dvd/blurays?  Are they capable of showing full  
> gamut?  I should probably add that we do all types of work, including  
> commercials and broadcast releases for feature films.  The majority of  
> work being done in this suite is for commercial or dvd/bluray  
> release.  All of our grading for theatrical release is being done on a  
> projector which is native p3 color space and LUTed into what ever the  
> final release will be.
> Thanks!

Hi Janet
I am also using a Cinetal Cinemage 10bit. I have it set up to rec 709 gamut controlled which works for me, the bulk of the work I do is broadcast and commercials. Don't know for sure but I would be surprised if domestic TVs could display full gamut, as the legalisation process is designed to bring everything within gamut for broadcast.Simon 		 	   		  
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