[Tig] Speed tests and gray scale proper transfer methodology

Rogério Moraes rogerito at terra.com.br
Thu May 20 03:44:22 BST 2010

Maybe this was already posted before, but it's something that I'm faced with now and then, and it´s hard to come to a common ground on this. (I mean, convince the DOP and even post professionals what is the "right" method, if there´s any, on this stress tests.) 

In a "speed test" (meaning, the best ISO exposure index for any given film stock in relation to it's rated ISO number) how would you grade this material?  Just one light for all different exposures (plus or minus f-stops from the "normal" exposure) or a different grade for every exposure (my methodology, which is confirmed by lab technicians that I work with)? I.e.: if the film is " normal" exposed and then subsequently under exposed 1, 2, 3 stops and then overexposed 1, 2, 3 stops, would you correct every take so the color chart or reference gray scale stays within "normal range", or just one light pass based on the normal exposure? Just remember I'm not talking about a contrast ratio or latitude test, but a sensibility test.
I think I posted that "dilemma" of mine before, but (sorry) I forgot what you all think about that.

Thanks for the attention


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