[Tig] JVC DILA RS25 Projector

Matt Cunningham matt at digipost.co.nz
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We are very happy with our Christie CP2000-ZX.
We have had it installed for a few years now with a 4.5m screen and the lamp on 50% power and defocused.

If all we were doing was 2D grading it would be too much, but as soon as we need to do any 3D grading we need to turn up the lamp all the way to get 5fl using the Dolby 3D system.  Don't buy un under powered projector if there is a requirement for 3D grading...

BTW the calibration has been almost flawless since installation.  
Every now and then I run our Truelight probe over it expecting to change it, and double check with a borrowed PR650 and it just doesn't move.

Matt Cunningham

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Hi Colm,

At Filmmore we're using the RS35 in combination with our Baselight HD system and calibration via Truelight Probe and software. I can agree with John Tissavary about the quality. The only problem in our suite is, we can't quite get SMPTE's standard of 14 ft-L (on the other hand, neither can a lot of cinema's we've measured ;-). Our screen therefore has to be a bit smaller to get the required ft-L's. Be aware that new lamps start at, for instance, 14 ft-L, but can drop to 9 ft-L after one week of use. We tend to burn in a lamp before starting a grade. When burned in however, the calibration remains remarkably stable. Apart from this, I cannot imagine better value for money from a projector. Just wish that JVC will do DCI in the nearby future.

Since cinemas in The Netherlands are rapidly going DCI, we're looking for a projector that is compliant with this standard. However all of these projectors seem to have way too much light output for post production. Anybody out there with a suggestion?


Wim van Slooten

wim at filmmore.nl

> Hi folks,does anyone out there have experience of grading on a JVC DILA RS25 projector?  I´ve started to freelance at a facility that has one as its main grading referance.  The company mostly deals with Red material, it isint invovled in film-out so far. Just wondering what the good/bad points of this projector are.
> I am not connected to this manufacturer in any way.
> Thanks,Colm Forde
> Freelance ColoristBased in Barcelona.


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