[Tig] Projector grading for Dummies

Carl Skaff carl at stopp.se
Wed Nov 10 15:05:26 GMT 2010

I'm not a Footlambert expert....
But if 3D = 5fl and 2D=14fl
does that mean 2D is almost three time brighter then 3D?

So if a normal Grading monitor is set to 100 cd/m2.... would the 14fl vs 5fl
difference be the same as having the monitor set to 30cd/m2

Thats a HUGHE difference. I'm surprised that a 2 projector setup isn't the
only aproved way to to it. Or at least a super stong lamp.


2010/11/10 Jeff Olm <jeff.olm at gmail.com>

> Bob.
> RealD is mostly 2 to 5 at it's best.
> 3.5 to 5 is the  spec.
> We hope they stick to that.
> XL Z-Screens are not the majority.
> sorry,
> Jeff Olm
> Stereo Colorist


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