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I saw a Toshiba display using a vertical lenticular mask a couple of
years ago. The viewers had about five 'sweetspot' positions in an arc
around the front of the television. You had to be positioned exactly in
one of the sweetspots, but the effect was quite impressive. If you like
that sort of thing, which I don't.  :) 

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Perhaps a solution to lower light levels for 3D is to avoid the
reduction in the first place.

In EE Times I read about 3D LCD TVs to be introduced by Toshiba which do
not require glasses.  These TVs use holographic effects to produce the
3D effect (similar to holographic logos and postcards).  While a 56"
model has been demonstrated, only 12" and 20" displays are scheduled for
production.  A problem with this approach is that the viewing angle is
very small (<40 degrees) and the stability of the 3D image depends on
the viewer keeping their head still.  Image resolution is reduced, and
substantial image processing is required in the display to produce the

Has anyone here seen these displays?

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