[Tig] trim passes, pt 2 man vs machine

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
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On Nov 13, 2010, at 2:07 PM, Lou Levinson wrote:

>            sean, while i'm always impressed by techology, i'm more impressed with technology serving art. the single biggest problem i see with what you're trying to sell is that, like all computer processes, it's garbage in, garbage out. keep in mind that many studios have been operating on do the least for more than one generation of home delivery now, so there's a good chance that the reference has been handled inexpensively, not well.

which supposition calls for the greatest effort on the part of the colorist, and in application of great effort.  

> if we get into an age where there are bonuses for performance beyond cost cutting, all this means is more work for those of us who have the inclination to care and the skillsets to
> walk the walkand i haven't even gotten to the bits about charts onset, ect. why, if we go all linear lightall the time, and know exactly what we want before we do it, what's to change?? this isone reason why the acs-cdl was devised, and it's considered as a starting point, not an end all and be all.

The ASC-CDL is an admirable starting component, in my humble opinion, of something that can work cross-platform or at least cross-colorist to allow us to exchange data and work together.  It's at a very nascent stage and one can only hope it matures.

> as always, remember:  the least expensive way to do ANYTHING is to do it right the 1st time

i.e.  production.  get a DoP who know what she/he is doing, in lighting, filtering, scouting, blocking and all the other myriad exponents, and you can be happier in the color grading stage, as can be all those in post-grading.

shoot it flat, with a good streetfront or wedding camera, and it becomes plastic and manipulated after correction (grading is too kind a word).   I have yet to see good dynamic range and high-quality material from RED.  Arri D21 comes close and the Alexa is approaching what we need.  The Penelope-D from Aaton is eagerly awaited.

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