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Spatial noise reduction and color enhancement source code for sale/licensing
Flexible licensing terms. Please visit http://colormancer.com/licensing/tig.html [20100314p]

Cem Ozkilicci, Colourist
Colourist with excellent references, attitude and abilities, with international experience in commercials and DI, additional background in compositing and
editing seeks position in dynamic company with need for same. Available worldwide. Experienced with daVinci colour correctors (DUI, 2K+, Resolve), Pogle, Digital Vision Film Master, Autodesk Lustre. For showreel, visit www.cocolors.com. Showreel is also available at http://reels.colorist.org/cem.html .
Contact: cemoz101 :at: yahoo.com [20101113p]

Jim Mann, Freelance Colorist/daVinci Product Specialist
Colorist with DI and HD mastering experience. I am fluent in daVinci 2K PLUS, Digital Vision Film Master, daVinci Resolve and the daVinci 8:8:8, color correction systems. Please see my TIG user page at User:Jim Mann for more information. Available worldwide. Contact jfmann <at> optimum.net [20101115p]

Stuart Blake Jones - Freelance Colorist-Consultant-Instructor-Writer
Over twenty years of experience as a Colorist. Available for colorist assignments and training courses world wide or a full time position in the Europe area. Experienced with daVinci 888, DUI, 2K, 2K Plus and Resolve color correction systems. In addition to English, I also speak German, French, Spanish, Dutch and some Italian. For further information please contact blakej at jonesconsulting.eu (20101113p)

2 HFE Film Cleaners
Soho Film Lab has two HFE film cleaners that it is trying to sell. They are both in full working order and otherwise in good condition. RTI/Lipsner Smith CF8200: S/N V2025 suggested sale price £20,000 RTI/Lipsner Smith CF9200: S/N 200505 suggested sale price £30,000
The stated sale prices are in Sterling and do not including delivery and we would like to suggest that the sale currency is Sterling to avoid fluctuations in money markets, while we expect that an international customer may buy them. As far as delivery this will have to be agreed upon the sale, as again the type of packaging and removal services required will depend on the final destinations
For more details and photos please contact philip.crewe (at) sohofilmlab.co.uk [20101115]

Brand New unused New Century TK tube for sale, Type No. M18-501AFD surplus to requirements. Will accept reasonable offer. Bosh FDL60 – needs work but all power supplies recently rebuilt. Full set of remote panels. (unfinished project) May break for parts if viable. Open to offers. Contact Paul on +447792 830150 or sprockets at homecall.co.uk [20101113]

Rob Lingelbach
rob at colorist.org     http://rob.colorist.org

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