[Tig] Colorist-anthro project

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Wed Nov 17 01:39:54 GMT 2010

In order to have the Colorist-anthro project work, we need data.  So far we have 4 colorists who have filled out the simple form found at 

that will eventually provide enough information to make all this worthwhile.  Using Semantic Mediawiki, we can drill down into the data and create statistical output in various forms that relate to location, maps, colorist influences, facilities, fellow colorists, and other as-yet-unforseeable categories including even interlinked show reels.  I only need the data, and it can only come from colorists.   So even if you've only had one influence and one location where you've worked, certainly your influences, artistically, are varied, and we can create interesting correlations and confabulations of this data, given enough of it.

So please if you can take a few moments, if your career spans more than a year or two, and can help provide help for this project, the TIG would much appreciate it.

Contributors will be honored with a special section of the Supporters page.

(ps> don't forget the Colorist Directory, the Classified Ads, the Reels section, and all the other wiki features available at http://tig.colorist.org/wiki )

Rob TIG admin 
Rob Lingelbach
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