[Tig] [cml-post] HD copy management via EDL

Craig Leffel craig at optimus.com
Wed Nov 17 06:02:29 GMT 2010

On 11/16/10 9:54 PM, Aaron Owen wrote:
 >>This is precisely what FCP's Media Manager tool should do for you. 
The problem is that Final Cut Pro bases everything off of File Names and 
lengths instead of timecode and reel assignments. <<<<

Aaron -

I could see lots of uses for a tool like this, and many different media 
situations. I don't think it should be limited to certain media types 
like Prores if someone is going to attack this problem. I think it 
should be ALL media types, or as many as possible. Also, this was just 
meant as a copy exercise.
I do NOT want to transcode the material. Merely an easier way to copy 
media based on on an edl.

Speaking of which, I'd like to thank everyone for their offline input. I 
learned a whole lot from this conversation, from the fact that DVS has a 
free version of Spycer, to the fact that many ex-Davinci colorists like 
myself are using Resolve on a Mac as a prep station, to the idea that 
some folks out there write their own scripts when they need to do a task 
like this. I posted this question to CML-Post and to the TIG. It was 
re-posted to an FCP and Avid list by Steve Hullfish. Many people were 
very helpful in their suggestions, and I really appreciate it. Maybe 
some manufacturer is listening, and will build a really smart utility to 
help all of us. It is a ridiculous task in 2010 to manually search a 
drive for camera file names that are barely human readable (sometimes), 
yet extremely important to the content of an edit.

Thanks again everyone, restores my faith in the collective good of our 
community on the interwebs -

Best -

Craig Leffel
Senior Colorist

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