[Tig] does anyone have experience with.. "Neat" NR

David Mackenzie lyris1 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 19:35:25 GMT 2010

If you're talking about NeatVideo (which is basically Neat Image + a
temporal filter for motion video), I sometimes use it with HDV-based
interview footage for DVD extra interviews. It's definitely my NR tool
of choice, although talking heads are hardly stressful from a motion
complexity standpoint. For more complex motion, I find that it backs
off and stops the filtering rather than producing smears. It's very
tweakable too, which is nice.

Alternatively I sometimes use some of the AVISynth-based noise
reduction scripts.

If you have any sample footage you want tested, I could always share a
short result?

David Mackenzie
Freelance DVD Compressionist/Author
Hardware Reviewer

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> On Nov 22, 2010, at 11:08 AM, Skip Elsheimer wrote:
>> I've used it and found it to be comparable with other DNR solutions - the grain reduction with my FDL-60, the Snell Wilcox temporal noise reduction, etc.
>> It requires some tweaking so that it isn't so smeary..
> in a file-based workflow, where does it fit- at the rendering stage?
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