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i wonder if these problems occur with all monitors from the 20 series
cause we just bought the 3D version. need to find out....



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Am 23.11.2010 um 11:10 schrieb Carl Skaff:

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> Hi All
> I asked some stuff about the 12 vs 20 Series Panasonic Plasmas before...
> I now have had a 20 Series 50" here on Demo for a day now and wanted to
> share my experience of it:
> Overall it seems like a very nice "TV". Really good blacks (compared to any
> LCD) and without fiddling too much with any settings it looks fairly similar
> to our Grade-Monitor (Eizo ColorEdge CG232) in contrast/gamma/whitebalance.
> So enough about the good stuff since you can read all that on Panasonic's
> website.
> The bad things we noticed were:
> *Graylevel-tracking
> Looking at a "Staircase",  the different gray patches was different in
> color, some a bit pink and others a bit green.
> And when grading that Staircase you could see it clearly because when I made
> the image darker one gray area that used be one color and then gets darker
> clearly turned into another color (just to be clear, we are not talking
> massive color-tints of coarse, my mom would see the difference, but any good
> colorist should, if sober)
> *Auto level adjustment
> As some other people pointed out before, these new Plasmas are working hard
> to reduce the powerconsumption. I'm no expert on how it is done or why, but
> I'll explain my experience of it in my own words. I had a black frame with a
> 2% ghost... that looked fine, but when I then graded the image to be
> brighter by lifting the Blacks slowly and in a constant speed... then I
> could see a very nasty effect on the Plasma... it was as if the Plasma was
> trying to counter-correct and adjust the level.
> Imagine this, instead of it going steady brighter in one step at a time...
> it takes two steps up and then one down, then two up and one down etc etc
> (roughly explained, and when I say "one step" I don't mean a camera Stop)
> *Clipping
> This is a weird thing. It seems like the monitor is some how clipping the
> black and or colors before it should be clipped... I know it's not a good
> explanation, but I can't find better words for it.
> It's as if the monitor is showing some solarization effects for example in
> the blacks when adjusting the black/gamma. And we have seen it on some
> colors as well.
> And the weird thing is that some "settings" gives more or less of this
> effect. Having the Plasma set to "MONITOR" gives a lot of the effect, while
> if set to "NORMAL" it was a lot less... (although NORMAL had some other
> downside, see below)
> *Flicker
> I noticed that the Plasma "flickers" a bit too much. It seems like different
> people notice it differently. Fo me I could see the flickering in the
> peripheral but not where my focus-point is... while other colorist sees the
> flickering all the time but less flickering when you stare are at a specific
> point.
> For example having a white area on the left side of the picture and black on
> the right... then if I looked the dark side I would see the white on the
> other side (which is in my peripheral viewing), and when I turn my head/eyes
> to focus on the white part that I saw was flickering... it now doesn't
> flicker! Although for other colorist they still see it Flicker when the
> stare at it BUT it does flicker less.
> We noticed that this could be decreased if setting the Plasma to "MONITOR"
> instead of "NORMAL". And if turning the Contrast up to max it got a lot
> worse.
> *Noise
> If standing with your nose pressed against the glass... then you can clearly
> see a lot of noise. But from normal distance, even as close as two meter you
> barley see it.
> So I wouldn't consider the noise as a problem.
> So to summarize:
> The Clipping effect is a problem, and the GrayScale-Tracking together with
> the AutoLevelAdjusting causes a big problem when it comes to using it as a
> main and only ColorGrading monitor. The flickering can be a problem but time
> will tell if it is. The Noise I don't consider to of any problem.
> If anyone have any other opinions, disagree or even agree... feel free to
> post.
> /carl
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