[Tig] Panasonic 20Series Plasma

Darin Wooldridge dwooldridge at mac.com
Tue Nov 23 23:40:33 GMT 2010

Forgive me if i'm wrong.  The 20 u is the pro plasma and the 20v is the 3D consumer model?   

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>20 series 3D... Was that the 85"?
>The Swedish Panasonic guy said 42/50/60" will come in the summer.
>Would be interesting to know if a 20Series-3D version has any
>disadvantages when working in 2D compared to a 'normal' 20Series-2D...
>In theory and from what the brochures and sales people say there isn't
>any disadvantages. Buy what does real life say;)
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>23 nov 2010 kl. 21:21 skrev tig-request at colorist.org:
>> i wonder if these problems occur with all monitors from the 20 series
>> cause we just bought the 3D version. need to find out....
>> cheerz
>> mark

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