[Tig] Rob Lingelbach missing?

Bob Friesenhahn bfriesen at simple.dallas.tx.us
Tue Oct 5 16:27:51 BST 2010

No postings have made it to the TIG list since September 3rd.  A while 
back Rob provided me with TIG list moderator access just in case he 
"went missing".  Today I exercised this emergency moderator access and 
found the list set to "emergency moderate" mode and quite a few valid 
list postings which had not been let through.  I have allowed those 
pending mails to be posted.

I must assume that Rob put the list in temporary moderate mode because 
he was going to be taking a trip and expected to be available again 
soon.  However, a month with no response from Rob is a matter for deep 
concern and I fear that something may have happened to him.

Does anyone know Rob's current whereabouts and status?


Bob Friesenhahn
bfriesen at simple.dallas.tx.us, http://www.simplesystems.org/users/bfriesen/
GraphicsMagick Maintainer,    http://www.GraphicsMagick.org/

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