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Subject: Swinson History & tridet missiles !!!
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Date:    Thu, October 7, 2010 8:55 pm
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Glad to se you are keeping up with me.

Welcome back

I sent the text at the bottom of this email to Bob Feinstein when I
thought you might be out of touch.

Give me a few days to put something together, goung back to the
origination of Telecines n the 1930's .

Earliest were flying spot, but not CRT based, thewywere Nipow disk &
carbon arc lamp devices, pre dates ANY video camera!!!




I note am have been challenged to put something up about the reasond'etre
for early telecines. OK I am up for it, with pictures !

However as Rob L knows I only look at the archive and when I contributeI
send the contribution to Rob, who would normally then put it on thetig,
especially if I include images that he then places appropriately.Can I use
your good services to do the same thing?



btw  Wikipedia is a bit confused. A kinoscope is the exact opposite toa
telecine. They were used prior to the introduction of VTRs as theonly
means of preserving a TV show by placing it on film. They came inmany
guises, film cameras looking at TV CRTs, modified Flying SpotCRTs, Laser
beams firing at the film and a version where the luminancewas recorded on
half a 16mm frame and adjacent to it the Cr, Cb signalswere recorded as a
coded signal!!! ,  I will include more details in mybit to be submitted

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