[Tig] da Vinci Resolve on MAC

CHANDLER COONFIELD doctorpepper at msn.com
Sun Oct 17 15:09:03 BST 2010

 Hello All,
    The daVinci Resolve is part of an installation I am currently consulting on. We have one Resolve running on MAC, intended to be an 'Assist Station' for another Linux Resolve with four GPU's in a 3D configuration. After seeing it perform, I am expecting the facility to do much more color work on the MAC than originally planned.
  So far, the MAC version has been a pleasant surprise. Running on a 'newer' MAC Pro with NVIDIA  Quadro FX 4800 and utilizing the Tangent Wave panel, the system handles color correction of HD (4:4:4 dual link) material in real time without any problems.  When handling 2K material the system lags a bit, but still performs well.  Renders are much faster than I expected.
  Many features are accessed through menus, and it takes some exploring to learn where to find them. The manual does not help much, as many of the MAC functions are not addressed.  Adding a set of Resolve panels would make operating a breeze, since all of the features are easily accessed and clearly identified. The Wave panels basically provide transport and track balls, with a few other features mapped out as well. I have been unable to find any documentation regarding what features are included on the Wave panels, so it has been a process of trial and error to learn what tools are available and where.
   Conforms on the MAC Resolve have worked well, as have file conversions. The system is very similar to the Linux version, so anyone familiar with Resolve should have little problem learning it.
  We are utilizing a shared database in this installation, and sessions move between the MAC and Linux sytems without a problem.  User settings and all data are available on both systems, and any changes carry across automatically.
  As for the Linux based Resolve, all I can say is it is a real powerhouse.  The system handles 4K (2D so far) in real time with extremely complex color and sizing adjustments. As we move into handling more 3D material I will report on what I find. 
  For now, my list of complaints about both systems is fairly short. I will not elaborate because the installation is still not fully completed, and some of the minor problems are undoubtedly not caused by the daVinci. None of the problems encountered so far have been serious enough to impact our ability to get jobs done.  The software, version 7.02, is in need of some tweaks, and I am certain that as the user base grows we will see improvements. 
 I am not currently working as an agent for Black Magic or any of their distributers. While I have done demonstrations of Resolve and provided training on occasion, my work is done as an independant contractor, and in no way connected to any profit from the sales of these systems.
  Best Regards,
 Chandler 'Randy' Coonfield

   mobile ph.: 1-818-523-1233

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