[Tig] Luster 2011 - Control Panels - CP200?

Rory Hinds rory at minefilms.com
Tue Oct 19 16:24:28 BST 2010

I would think the Euphonix MC Color and MC Transport would be the most popular, especially with Flame Premium so people with Lustre can have a control surface that doesn't break the bank but still speeds up productivity.

Its hard to get feedback from Flame/Smoke/Lustre uses and I have found the forums to be dead with no one talking.... I guess the user base just isn't like with other tools, it seems a very closed secretive community, if you can call it that.

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On 19 Oct 2010, at 01:53, C├ędric Lejeune wrote:

> We are considering it, the main problem is getting access to panels. It's a quite serious job and we haven't started yet, we need to know if there would be enough people interested. I've asked on Flame-News but didn't get much feedback yet.
> Cedric Lejeune
> www.workflowers.net
> infrastructure&workflows
> La Madeleine, France
> 2010/10/19 Rory Hinds <rory at minefilms.com>
> Thanks for your input Cedric
> I'd love to see CP200 supported in Lustre.
> Is that something you guys can do? What sort of time frame would it take to implement?

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