[Tig] Resolve on Mac

Carl Skaff carl at stopp.se
Wed Oct 20 14:23:11 BST 2010

Been running Resolve on Mac with BMD-panels for a fee weeks now.

Apart from limitations on the Mac-side regarding PCI slots etc. The
only real problem I have is that it is so fast that it's eating up all
the bandwidth on the SAN!!!

For example.
We scan on Scanity in 1K
Then grade on Resolve on a Mac and render out as SDProresProxy. And
it's bloody fast. Goes up over 100fps!
And with three Mac-Resolves speeding along in warpspeed it's hard for
our poor SAN to keep up :)

For final commercial grades we read 2K and that's going well.

By the way. I don't work for BlackMagic. But are happily using there products.


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