[Tig] Panasonic plasma vs. Anything

Carl Skaff carl at stopp.se
Thu Oct 21 00:20:55 BST 2010

Is the Panasonic 20 Series and Davio 'the standard' when it comes to
beyond 24" grade monitors?
Isn't anyone using something other then that combination?
Anyone maybe using a CMS app to profile a monitor and then create a
LUT with a Rec709 (or EBU or whatever) target and just loading that
into a Aja/BMD sdi>hdmi converter. Or even loading it on the output as
a monitor lut? Or is that level of LUT generation only used for

So to sum it up: anyone using something OTHER then Panasonic for large
LCD/Plasma display?
Or maybe even a backprojector monitor?

I'm finding a little bit hard to believe that these Plasmas have
become a standard, cus then how come it's not marketed as a Grade1
monitor. Their website says it's perfect for shoppingmals/hospitals
etc. No bragin about being 'Hollywoods preferred monitor'  or
'industry standard'...


(Note. I don't work or for of the above vendors. Nor can recommend any
of them due to lack of usage. But I do seek objective info about it
from people who has :)

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