[Tig] 16fps Film Transferred on Rank Cintel & Pulldown

John A. Mozzer jamworks at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 22 06:40:37 BST 2010

First, I'll reintroduce myself.  I am not a professional in this field, 
and am not affiliated with any company or service.  Over a year ago, I 
had about ten hours of silent regular 8mm films transferred to MiniDV 
tapes via Rank Cintel, using a service.

The technician has been using a regular 8mm film gate on the Rank for 
many years.  The films he transferred for me are 16fps. I spoke to the 
technician several days ago to ask about the pulldown used. He preferred 
the term "sequence", because the Rank doesn't use claws to literally 
pull down the film. He said the Rank, "multipulses to slow the film down 
to the correct speed." He didn't know the sequence exactly, though, 
because the Rank does it automatically.

Could any of you tell me the likely pulldown?  I mean, please express it 
similarly to the way pulldown for 24fps is often expressed as 2:3:2:3.

I now have all this DV footage in Final Cut Express, and I wonder what 
might happen if I deinterlace.  To complicate things further, the 
technician explained his "controlled one light" service sometimes 
involves stopping the process in order to fix levels, and starting 
again. I believe it, because when checking all of the transfers, I never 
saw an "on the fly" correction during a scene. But this also means the 
"sequence", or pulldown (we can call it that, I guess), changed every 
time he did such an edit.  I can use DV Start/Stop Detect in Final Cut 
to easily find these edit, I believe.

While the web is filled with explanations about the pulldown for 24fps, 
I found only one article explaining that pulldown for 16fps is 3:4:4:4. 
  But that article was not about the Rank Cintel.

John A. Mozzer
Los Angeles, CA

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