[Tig] 16fps Film Transferred on Rank Cintel & Pulldown

Gary Adams garyada at ix.netcom.com
Fri Oct 22 17:43:54 BST 2010

Pretty funny.  I would have to agree.  At least John is correct in his assumption and since the transfers are pretty reliable, the sequence can be extracted.  Reading the past few responses (and I always defer to Dave Tosh),  I was never able to get any vendor to state the sequence was guaranteed for some reason or other.  In the Meta Speed, the "*" asterisk was present on the locked speeds, if not, anything could happen.  I sort of remember (old age kicking in here) the URSA handbook where they list the Digiscan sequences. And making a point about the reliability of the sequence.  But we are probably picking nits here.  Synchronizing the process was a bit more complicated mostly due to "Scan Tracking" of the telecine.  


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I am beginning to feel sorry for John who asked the question in the first

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>> Isn't it true that the Meta-speed add on for Ranks delivered a locked
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